Welcome to the 49er Report!

If you’ve come to The 49er Report with Lee Witbeck looking for ‘expert’ analysis, insider information, or the thoughts of a football professional, great! You won’t find it here.

The only thing you can find here are the personal opinions, wild theories, and semi-informed analysis of a man who simply likes football a whole lot. Sure, I’ve got a fair amount of experience–I played (in high school), and I coach (freshman). I also have played a lot of Madden.

I was trained as a sports journalist at the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s award winning student newspaper. At the very least, I should know how to not sound like an idiot. I hope. You can at least count on me to do my best, and to give you every ounce of football knowledge I possess. I’ll try to push the conversation, I’ll engage with you (Comment! Shout at me on twitter! @LeeTwitbeck), and most of all, I’ll keep talking about the 49ers.

That’s it! Let’s get to it!


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